I'm kinky as fuck.

— Kelly (@kelly69xx) 30 Agosto 2014

Grimes performing @ Budwieser Made In America
August 31, 2014. Philadelphia
Photos by Julia Hatmaker for PennLive

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I think Suck it and see would get the job done.

Maybe while you suck and see for real.

your dick is v curved does it hurt to have it straight

It can’t be straight, when I’m hard it’s like steel, mine is particularly hard and thick so it’ll stay curved and believe me that will feel fantastic inside.

Then your taste in music is a panty dropper all by itself.

Would you drop them if I play you R u mine?

You like Arctic Monkeys...?

They’ re my favourite band. 



what is this from??

oh my

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Tie me up, keep me bound, and force me to cum over and over again. I want my limits pushed, to be forced after having an orgasm once, to give it up again and again because I have no choice

You have no choice, you cant move. And my dick is fucking you like this is the last day of my life, the more you beg me to stop the harder the deeper i go in.